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WTC Office & Retail Space in Bhopal

The WTC commercial area is being developed as High-Density Mixed-Use Development along the three transit zones. The layout of the project area has been designed on the principles of world trade center Development (WTC). To achieve higher density different changes in FAR and building heights have been planned. The pedestrian entry at the frontage and vehicular access from the backside of the plots is another element achieved.

WTC Bhopal is a new commercial property in Bhopal, this project is developed by WTC World Trade Center. As per SCP (Smart City Project), WTC Commercial Bhopal the area based development would be a state-of-the-art smart zone in the heart of the city of Bhopal with all modern features in the most climate-resilient manner and would generate more job opportunities.

At present, Bhopal is a frontrunner city in India with its particularly innovative Smart City Vision.’ The idea is to look at compact areas, create a replicable, which will act as a lighthouse to other aspiring cities. Bhopal has also been declared as the second cleanest city in India through many unprecedented efforts Could WTC Bhopal's biggest ever township be any smaller? Definitely not. At WTC Bhopal Retail Shops we made sure that the township had all the space, all the amenities, all the frills that were necessary for a modern lifestyle. But what we also did, was to make sure that things had a tasteful balance.

We made sure that we did not cross the fine line between doing and overdoing. We believe that is what makes WTC Office space Bhopal. It is a modern, yet very retail shop & office space. It is stylish, yet simple.


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